Major locations in the Expanse:

The Bridge
-Space station spanning two ends of a perpetually-active wormhole. The ‘Front End’ is a trade and docking hub for the various groups in the Expanse, the ‘Back End’ sticks out of an unknown part of space and time. The previously-uninhabited worlds found here are being exploited for mining and new attempts at botched colonization ventures.

The Crossroads
-A space station housing countless docking points for fueling and repair services. It is situation convergence point for several trade and travel routes. Beyond the services docks, the station is a run-down slum of warring gangs of bizarre & unique races.

Planetside Bingo Casino
-Major metropolitan sprawl of glitzy skyscrapers and neon lights, dominated by a economy of gambling and betting games. The dominant faction is a race of machine AI.

Rat Space
-An ancient human space fleet, formed and sent out on an unknown exodus. They eventually died out and were replaced by a population of hyper-intelligent laboratory rodents. These rats later evolved into humanoids with a seedy crime-ridden civilization. The ramshackle fleet now drifts in aimless circles around the Expanse, selling off its old ships and trading for new ones.

Stasis Prison
-Space Station containing a cargo of humans frozen in time booths from some distant part of the 3rd millennium. The place is treated as sort of a restricted resource, with local space factions vying for control of this archive of ancient knowledge.

Wax World Resort
-This planet’s chief habitation is a fictional history park and resort, populated by in-character androids, based chiefly upon traditional literature of the 19th through 21st centuries.

Western Fantasy
-A habitation center containing computer systems and AR chairs running the largest shared artificial reality game session, a reprogrammed mix of medieval fantasy and wild west adventure combined to create a persistent simulated town. The residents conduct some very limited trade to the outside universe.

Major Races in the Expanse:

-Green plant-animal hybrids covered in a swatch of mossy plant-like body hair and clovers. Their stooped backs, head and shoulders sprout flowers. The Flower-gelfs have a penchant for collecting these flowers and arranging them for sale. You’d be surprised what kinds of folks appreciate flower-arrangement.

The Forgetful
-Simulants who have, in their eons of fruitless pursuit of long-dead enemies, have taken up spirituality and the pursuit of wisdom to understand the universe humanity left behind. This mostly involves collecting tacky posters, broken appliances, and novelty hats.

-These laid-back humanoids are specifically bipedal iguanas in appearance. LAcking motivation to do their own work, they typically coexist with other races of evolved creatures or re-purposed mechanoids. The Iguanas have a penchant for mind-altering drugs, or at least act like they do.

The Lost Company
-Simulant soldiers who vigilantly search for humans to hunt down and kill. Problem is, none of them remember what a human looks like.

The Masters
-Originally built by the now-extinct Dog race, these mechanoids were meant to function as their organic counterparts’ masters (in lieu of humanity’s affectionate presence). Now outliving their creators, the Masters wander space in search of new subjects to love and demand obedience.

-A large supply of robotic walking shoes have survived and broken their programing. They live amongst other populations as a sort of basic laborer, as messengers or providing taxi services.

Vendor-jockeys (VJs)
-It seems as though the AIs found in the ubiquitous vending machines of the 22nd century have a knack for piloting. Free-standing models can be found installed in the cockpits of many rag-tag space ships.

Widget Salesmen
-GELF Species engineered to serve as professional marketing consultants. Like a crossbreed between apes, weasels and slugs. Highly superstitious practitioners of divination and alchemy.

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